About Us

Tasbih (تسبيح)  or Tasbeeh, is a form of dhikr that involves the repetitive utterances of short sentences glorifying God, in Islam. 


The Story

Personalized Tasbihs 4u © is a husband and wife team based in the welsh countryside in the United Kingdom. They have both always had a creative flare with qualifications in art and design and a love for tasbihs since at a young age. Mrs. Akhtar still remembers the first time she saw a tasbih being repaired in Turkey when visiting close family friends who imprinted the art of tasbih making within her, not knowing that years to come, a business would come out of it with her creative husband.


"We always loved Tasbihs and found it hard to find 'the one' that sat in our heart when choosing a tasbih, after all it is an important choice as a tasbih is like a companion that promotes you to make continuous dhikr (rememebrance) glorifying your Lord."


Back in 2013 they started out their first time in making their own Personalized Tasbih, with lots of learning and support, they found themselves holding up a tasbih that fitted their requirements with what they were looking for in a tasbih. And then from there, they launched onto the social world of Facebook offering this service with just wooden beads back then, not knowing how far it will go. To their surprise and with the generosity of Allah Almighty, Personalized Tasbihs 4u © was born.


And alhamdulilah now they provide a large service of customisable tasbihs with a range of different bead materials from wood, glass pearls, crystals, marbled-effect, crackled-effect, semi-precious gemstones to even Swarvoski elements. All with an option to personalise further with names/charms/engravings hanging off the tasbih making it an ideal gift to encourage all to make dhikr. 


They also cater for a wide range of events with their Bespoke Wedding Favour Service and wholesale deals, all professionally handmade by their team, personalised to your requirements.


Please do keep up to date with their progress by visiting their social media pages to show your support as more new and beautiful things will be coming up with Personalized Tasbihs 4u © - Custom made to order.